Discover the Power of Cold: Glacial RX Cryofacial

Reset your skin with Glacial RX

Experience the transformative effects of the Glacial RX Cryofacial, a cutting-edge treatment designed to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Located in the heart of Mobile, Alabama, The Barber May Clinic offers this innovative therapy to help you achieve flawless, youthful skin.

Glacial RX in Mobile Alabama

Glacial RX Cryofacial in Mobile, Alabama

Experience the cutting-edge Glacial RX Cryofacial at The Barber May Clinic and unlock a refreshed, rejuvenated complexion. Glacial RX is the only treatment that uses controlled cold temperatures to reduce inflammation in the skin. Cryomodulation downregulates inflammation, accelerates exfoliation, normalizes melanin, restores a bright and even skin tone without discomfort, and is safe for all skin types. Skin benefits can be seen immediately after treatment and are fully noticeable after a couple of months.

If you’re experiencing levels of skinflammation and want to soothe, calm and reset your skin, non-invasive, precision cooling treatments of Glacial® RX may help.

Glacial RX in Mobile Alabama Skinflammation
Glacial RX Before and After Mobile Alabama
Glacial RX Before and After Mobile Alabama

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